Quasima Chrono Tracker

What is Chrono Tracker?

Quasima Chrono Tracker is a time tracking application for Windows desktop.
It allows you to keep track of multiple projects and categorize how much time you spent working on each of them.


Q & A

Is Quasima Chrono Tracker a new application on the market?

No. Quasima Chrono Tracker is a successor of applications formerly known as MapleXp and Quasima Time Tracker. All users of those applications are kindly invited to install Chrono Tracker which is now in constant development and brings new features from version to version.

Do I need any license to install and use Quasima Chrono Tracker?

No. Chrono Tracker is a free application for both personal and commercial use.

What are system requirements for running Chrono Tracker?

Chrono Tracker runs on top of Microsoft .NET Framework 4. Minimal version of Windows which allows for this framework to be installed is Windows XP with Service Pack 3.

I have a question or problem with Chrono Tracker. Can you help?

Definitely! Do not hesitate to write to us and ask further questions or share your ideas.

Download & Install

Please use the provided web installer to install Quasima Chrono Tracker. All necessary components will be aquired from Internet so you have to stay connected until this process completes.

You can also download the portable version which does not require installation and can run from a removable drive.

After it has been installed Chrono Tracker will be updated automatically as soon as new versions are released.

Depending on your system security settings Windows may ask you to confirm the installation process.

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