There are several link provided on this page that allows you to select the proper version of Chrono Tracker and the most suitable method of installation.

You can choose which publication channel to subscribe to and whether you want a regular or portable version of application.

Publication channels

Basically, there are two publication channels with the following characteristics:


The Release channel is addressed at users who put stability first. New versions in this channel appear after they have been thouroughly tested and a few weeks after being published in beta channel. Complete and up to date documentation is always attached.


The BETA channel gives you access to new versions of Chrono Tracker as soon as they have been internaly tested. Therefore they may contain minor bugs. In return you get newest features and improvements on a regular basis. Documentation coming with beta versions may not be up to date.


Occasionally the Alpha channel can be activated. Version in this channel should be treated as experimental and never used in production environments. The purpose of this channel is to show what major changes in Chrono Tracker you can expect in nearest future.

Regular vs Portable

No matter which channel you choose you can further decide whether to use a web installer or a portable application.

Offline installer

Offline installer is a recommened way to install Chrono Tracker. As it contains all required files you do not need stay connected during installation.

You do not need administrative priviledges to install Chrono Tracker.
However, Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 must be present on your PC.

Once installed your application will check for updates automatically.

Portable application

In some scenarios you may prefer to use a portable version which is delivered as a self-extracting zip archive. You will choose the target folder where all files will be unpacked into.

The idea behind the portable version was to make it be able to run from an USB stick. Therefore this version saves no data beyond its folder.

Automatic updates will not be available for portable version.


Release channel

The most recent version is:  3.4.17
Date of publication:  6/13/2018

Offine Installer
Portable Installer

Beta channel

The most recent version is:  3.5.6
Date of publication:  8/13/2020

Offine Installer
Portable Installer

Alpha channel

There is currently no experimental version available for download.