I have a question or problem with Chrono Tracker. Can you help?

Definitely! Do not hesitate to write to us and ask further questions or share your ideas.

Is there a Chrono Tracker manual?

Chrono Tracker comes with a standard html-based help system which is available from within application.
You can, however, download the following documentation separately.

Is there an MSI installer?

No. Chrono Tracker is published using Click Once technology from Microsoft which has at least two following advantages:

  • it allows for non-administrative installation,
  • it supports seamless updates.

I want to use the RTM version for production and still have insight into beta releases

You can install Chrono Tracker from each channel independently.
They are seperate appliations with distinguished names and their own shortcuts for launching.


Would you like to support development of Chrono Tracker please send your donations via PayPal.

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